Artist Statement

Victoria May 


Art is ever changing. Similar to my own art, I do not stick to one singular format. I explore different styles and techniques to portray a variety of emotions, situations, livelihoods, politics and more. I work in almost every art medium, including but not limited to painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and printmaking. With this uncommon approach, my works can connect with almost anyone around the world. I have been through many awful experiences up to this point in my life and those experiences bleed into my work. Being a disabled bisexual woman I put a deep value on intersectionality, through which my art becomes the embodiment of many of my struggles. However, my work is shown through the lens of my white privilege. I use comedy, kindness, unity and more not only in my art but my life as well. I truly believe that art should mainly be for the people first and the top 1% last. It should be accessible to all and used for good. Art is irreplaceable. It is a crucial way to connect with and to understand one another. It breaks down language and life barriers. To live as another is impossible but to see through the eyes of another is not. That is the gift that the visual arts grant many of us, a chance to see and understand. To see our lives, our loves, our hopes, our passions and our pains. To be an artist is to be a mirror, a reflection of what is around us. My art will always be a reflection of who I am and where I stand.